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You can apply for an apartment fast through the BreckenRidge Park Apartment Apply Online. After clicking on the web address below, you can find the section on Apply Online. The address is:

To apply online, you need to connect with the internet and open the log in button at the BreckenRidge Park Apartment Apply Online website. If you have already registered before as resident, you can just proceed to check the status of application or review your application history. Just follow the instructions given on how to proceed with the apply online.

You can also directly contact the leasing office by email through

After opening the website, in step one, you can find your unit and choose your home. The 2-Bedroom 2-Bath Patio units are presented with their corresponding price ranges and their availability for August 2016. 

1 Bedroom 1 Bath and 3 Bedroom 3 Baths are also available with their corresponding price ranges from $500 to $2,000 and lease terms from a minimum of 3 months to a maximum of 15 months. 

After finding a unit, you can choose a lease term, after which choose an option that would match your lifestyle. Then you set your quote and place your move-in date. Wait for your approval. It’s as easy as that at BreckenRidge Park Apartment Apply Online.

For additional information, you’ll find the apartment amenities in all units maximizing your urban lifestyle experience as these complement the BreckenRidge Park Apartment Apply Online. These additional functional and attractive amenities include: Washer/Dryer in Each Home, Built-in Microwave Ovens, and Ranges with Self-Cleaning Ovens, Intrusion Alarms, Sunroom/Terrace Options, Ceilings Fans, Dishwasher and Disposal, Frost-Free Refrigerator with Icemaker, Sprinkler Systems, Black Whirlpool Kitchen Appliances and Faux Granite in most units.

The community amenities include: 24-Seat Multi-Media Theatre, Resident Car Care Center, Sand Volleyball, a-1,200 Sq. Ft. Fitness Center, Business Resource Center, Swimming Pool with Wireless Internet Sundeck, Internet Café, Complimentary DVD Library, Bark Park, Gas Grills, Scenic Lake with Fishing, Tanning Bed and Xbox Kinect.

Most units are characterized by an ambiance of luxury. The spacious bedroom is uncluttered and made livable by a light brown-beige wall and ceiling with a large wooden bed on a pale pink carpeted floor. Large glass-framed windows with blind and curtain adorn one side of the room. Two side cabinets with table lamps are placed on the sides of the bed. On the wall by the head side of the bed are adorned framed abstract paintings inside a larger black wooden frame embedded on the wall. 

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